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4 key Ways to Publish Book on Amazon Kindle Store 2021

I am going to show you the ways to publish your book on amazon kindle store, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in publishing book to amazon kindle store.

Do you really want to make cool money from the book you have written?

Do you know that you could be making cool money from the book you wrote and published on amazon kindle store?

Don’t worry I will show you step by step process to publish your book on amazon kindle store.

Before I show you ways to publish book on amazon kindle store, what do you understand by amazon kindle store?

Don’t know right?

Amazon kindle store is an online marketplace for selling digital books, paper books, and audiobooks etc.

With amazon kindle store, you are entitled to make money through the books you publish.

Let me tell you a short story of my life concerning amazon kindle store.

As you searching for ways to publish your book on amazon kindle store.

In the year 2018, I was busy searching for ways to publish my book on amazon kindle store, till one day I got what I was looking for which I will be showing you ways to publish your book on amazon kindle store.

If you continue reading this post to the end, you will identify the easiest way to publish your book on amazon kindle store.

Simple ways to publish book on amazon kindle store.

First of all, before you think of ways to publish your book on amazon kindle store, you must have an account with amazon, so you have to create account.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?

From this guide, you’ll read what Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP is all about. It might sound self-explanatory but I will make sure I cover some basics.

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KDP is an Amazon self-publishing platform that allows you to create and manage your Kindle eBook, paperback even audiobooks in a single place. It is widely used to build books from the ground up.

So setting up your KDP account is so easy, and should be the first step you should complete.

Yes, anyone can publish his/her book on amazon kindle store, but that doesn’t mean it will do well and actually sell. You have to know the specifics, from setting up your KDP account to the pricing of your Kindle eBook.

If you set it up correctly, you can expect a successful and a substantial amount of passive income.

Here is Some Simple Ways to Publish Book on Amazon Kindle Store

Step 1:  Create a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Account

Before you can get started with Amazon kindle direct publishing, first of all, you must have an account set up with them.

Here’s how to set up your KDP account:

Kindly go to and register with either your Amazon account or with your email address.

Next, click “Update” in your account information and fill in your tax information. It’s important to know that you need to complete your tax information before you can publish your first book. So never skip this step!

Once your tax information is complete, click “Finished” and return to the main page.

Now your profile is complete!

With your KDP account setup, proceed to setting up the details of your book, as seen in the areas below.

Step 2: Choose a Book Title and Subtitle

Go to your Kindle Direct Publishing profile, fill in the title and subtitle of your book.

Note: Subtitle is optional, having a good subtitle is something you should definitely consider to bring in more views.

Tips to craft great book title:

Use a Book Hook: Your book hook should speak to the reader in a unique voice that grabs their attention and feeds into what they are looking for.

List the Benefits: Your potential readers want to know what they will get from reading your book.

 One technique is to deliver the benefits in the subtitle, providing enough good information to further attract readers.

Research the title you want to use and make sure it hasn’t been scooped up by a high-performing book already.

Step 3: Write Your Book Description for Amazon KDP

You need a powerful book description in order to have potential buyers that will read what your book is all about.

Even though the cover and subtitle should do a great job of this, we all want more information when it comes to putting money toward something.

Here’s what people notice first when seeing a new book on KDP:



Book Description

A description is essentially a short written narrative that illustrates what your book is all about. It should be written like a sales page to capture the interest of your reader.

Here are some strategies that can help you to craft your perfect description:

Make your first sentence as enticing as possible

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Write your description like a sales page or advertisement, not a dry summary of your book

Have the description feel personal and empathetic

Detail the benefits your reader will gain by reading your book

Step 4 Choose Your Amazon Keywords

If you want your book to show up on Amazon Kindle store and Google search engines, you will need the right mix of keywords.

Since Amazon allows only seven keywords per book, keyword selection requires strategy.

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