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Top 3 Ways to Earn Money From Your Website

Welcome to my website, in this post I will be showing you the top 3 ways to earn money from your website.

Do you have a blog or website, do you know that you can be making cool money from that your blog or website?

I know you have been asking or searching for ways to earn money from your website. Don’t worry in this post what I will be showing you is the step by step process on how to earn money from your website.

Some years back when I started my blogging journey I was looking for ways to earn money from my blog I couldn’t find any till I came across of studying the process which is what I will be showing you in this post.

Most Top 3 Ways to earn Money From Your Website

There are so many questions on the web on how to earn money from websites, and the question is what I will be answering in this post.

Read this post to the end to find out how to earn money from your website.

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Let’s move straight to the point….

The top 3 ways to earn money from your website are:

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is one the most common ways to earn money from your website.


To become an affiliate marketer, you need to sign up with some of the affiliate platforms in other words, you will be promoting the affiliate products to your website visitor, when they make a move in purchasing the product, then you earn a commission assigned to that particular product you are promoting.

Where Can I get the Products for me to promote?

You can sign up with Warrior Plus, they offer a reliable products for the affiliate to promote or JvZoo.

Sell A Digital Product: Another way to earn money from your website is by

Selling your own digital products, like Ebooks, Video clips Podcast, etc…

Now, how do you get this products to sell?

You can achieve this by simply finding a particular problem then provide solution for it, if it is an ebook, you have to convert it into PDF, to do this use Microsoft Word 2010 or 2016, after writing your solution, press Control + S (CTR+S) then chose save as PDF.

Set up an E-commerce on your site ( experience required):

Do you know that since you have a website you can equally add e-commerce on it?

Setting up an e-commerce on your website is another great way to earn money from your website.

But setting it up is another hard work if you are a novice in this field.

Things Required to Setup an e-commerce on Your Website.

If you are using WordPress this plugin I am going to list here now are the necessary plugin for setting up an e-commerce.

Woocommerce – this is the plugin that will be handling the products.

Payment Gateway- For accepting payment on your website.

Contact Form: – this is a plugin that will be used when your visitor wants to contact you directly from your website.

So with this plugin you can setup an e-commerce on your website, but if you can’t still do it on your own you can hire me to do it for you.

Simply used the contact form on this website to reach me or send an email using


I hope with this tips on how to earn money from your website, you have discovered the secrets behind it.

Try to put everything you learnt from this post into practices.

Thanks for reading, if you have any question kindly drop it in the comment section.

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